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Stonecon established in the year 2000 is todays Irelands leading firm of stonemasons providing  a nationwide service  in all types of stonemasonary . 

We have been providing stonemasonry services in Ireland for over 15 years. Our highly skilled team of 35 stonemasons have experience of working on various stone masonry projects country-wide. We have been involved in residential projects, commercial stonework, roadworks, bridges, marine and coastal stonework, conservation, restoration and repointing using various lime mixes. Our large team of stonemasons enables us to deliver significant quantities of quality stonework within agreed timelines. Our average monthly output is 2,000m².

What Our Customers Say

"Every single stonework project that Stonecon has completed for us has been on time and on budget. The projects have also been completed just as they were designed with quality work and craftsmanship. In short, Stonecon is truly excellent to work with and have become a valuable partner in our building program.”e to. This place thinks of everything.
We were referred to Stonecon from a construction company we have been using for over 20 years. We knew that they had to be a quality operation from that referral alone. We however had no idea traditional build stone could be built with such quality, care and effiency and in no time at all the work was complete and the workmen gone. When you first meet anyone from this company, one notices they all have some type of garment displaying the Stonecon company logo. This makes it easy for a homeowner to get an idea of how this group all fits together. It’s a detail many other companies don’t subscribe to. This place thinks of everything.
Stone walls are Hugely popular in Ireland today and are usually made of local materials varying from limestone and Quartz to granite and sandstone.  We are literally going back to stone to portray our true culture to the rest of the world. Bridge rehabilitation nationwide is a welcomed programme to protect the actual bridge structures dating back hundreds of years and still in use to this day.